April 1, 2019

Benefit Concert on the 12th May

Link to JustGiving CrowdFunding Page

Concert on Sunday 12th of May at 7 pm- Mozart Piano Concerto in E flat major No. 22
Conducted by Roy Stratford
Venue: St Saviour’s Church in Brookwood.

Tickets: £8 on the door
Online Tickets £7

St Saviour's- Flyer


This is a charity concert to continue with my project to raise funds to help with the restoration of two Estonia Grand Pianos that are in two major music Conservatoires in Havana.
These were the schools where I studied and worked later on.

At the moment we have been able to buy one set of hammers for one of the pianos. We still need more donations to buy another set of hammers along with new strings, a set of pedals and a castor wheel.

For this event, I have got conductor Roy Stratford from the Woking Symphony Orchestra along with professional musicians and amateurs who will kindly come and perform Mozart Piano Concerto No. 22 in E flat major. I have played this concerto with other orchestras in the past, including the National Symphony Orchestra in Havana. This is a great adventure bringing all these people to play together on that night.

I will also play

32 Variations in C minor by L. van Beethoven

Three Preludes by George Gershwin

Gardens under the rain by Claude Debussy

Etude La Legerezza by Franz Liszt

La Comparsa by Ernesto Lecuona

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April 1, 2019

Benefit Concert

Saturday, 9 March 2019

St John on Bethnal Green
200 Cambridge Heath Road, E29 London, United Kingdom

Benefit Concert- Music for Cuba


Catherine Lee: Cello
Cettina Musumarra: Piano

Daniella Caceres and her Piano Trio

Eralys Fernandez: Soloist

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November 3, 2018

Concert in Costa Rica

Concert with my friend Sofia Corrales in Costa Rica on the 23rd of August 2018.


I Parte

Los Pájaros Perdidos                                                                          Astor Piazzolla

Annes de Solitude


Cinco Canciones con Textos de Juana de Ibarbouou         Ernesto Lecuona

1-Canción del amor triste

2-Quiero ser hombre

3-Señor Jardinero

4-La Señora Luna

5-Balada de Amor


Amor                                                                                                      Yalill Guerra

Vuelo Supremo                                                                                Félix Mata

A unos ojos                                                                                         Rocío Sanz

Gitanerías                                                                                           Ernesto Lecuona

Andalucía                                                                                            Ernesto Lecuona

Fantasía- Impromptu                                                                   Federico Chopin

La Comparsa                                                                                     Ernesto Lecuona

II Parte


La Petenera ( La Marchenera)                                               Moreno Torroba

De España Vengo (El Niño Judío)                                        P. Luna

Cinco Canciones Negras                                                             Xavier Montsalvatge

1-Cuba dentro de un piano

2-Punto de Habanera


4-Canción de Cuba para Dormir a un Negrito

5-Canto Negro

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 09.11.32

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April 17, 2018

April 2018 concerts


Sunday 15th of April at 3 pm at Gables Museum, Miami, Florida

Concert Between Friends. Selection from Zarzuelas and Operas





















Arias from popular operas such as La Traviata, Lucia di Lammermoor and Rigoletto.

Solo Cuban Piano Pieces by Ernesto Lecuona and Jose Ma. Vitier


Kiley Hernandez- Soprano

Raul Rodriguez- Tenor

Johannes Fraga- Flute

Eralys Fernandez- Piano


Saturday 7th April 6 pm-

Music and Prosecco Series I will be playing with two

of my advanced students Penny Cook and Jonathan Castro



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May 13, 2017

Future Concerts 2017

7th September 7 pm- With mezzo Soprano Sarah Jane- Lewis at Casa de la Musica, Havana- Cuba
9th September 7 pm- With mezzo soprano Sarah Jane Lewis and soloists from the National Opera Theatre at Sala Gonzalo Roig in Havana, Cuba


Sunday 6th August 6 pm- Music and Prosecco at Penny’s in Woking
with Brazilian Cellist Diego Carneiro
Diego lives in Quito, Ecuador and will come to the UK to participate at the Hull Summer Festival and we will perform together in Woking and Hull.


Sunday 24th of September 6 pm-
Music and Prosecco at Penny’s in  Woking
With Russian violinist Denis Kobolov
Denis lives and works in Chile and will come to UK for the first time to perform. We have previously performed in Havana.

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May 13, 2017

Gala Concert 3rd June 2017

Saturday 3 June 2017 – 7:30pm
Bolivar Hall
54 Grafton Way
London, W1T 5DL
Nearest tube: Warren Street
Tickets £15 on the door, online £12


This is a benefit concert for the Send a Piano to Cuba project, initiated by Cuban pianist Eralys Fernandez and supported by Cubanos en UK. For more information, or to make a donation see: www.gofundme.com/pianotocuba
Eralys Fernandez (piano) www.eralysfernandez.com
Neus Guiu Ritort (piano) www.fb.me/neus.guiuritort
Magdalena Hirsz (piano) www.lena-hirsz.com
Yamile Cruz Montero (piano) www.yamilecruzmontero.com
Christos Asonitis (drummer) www.christosasonitis.com


Contact Cubanos en UK: info@cubanos.org.uk | www.cubanos.org.uk
Concert supported by the Institute Frédéric Chopin, www.institutchopin.com and the Embassy of Cuba and the Embassy of Venezuela in London.


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May 13, 2017

Concerts and Masterclasses in Ecuador – December 2016

In December I went to Quito in Ecuador to play in several concerts as a soloist and as a duo with Diego Carneiro.  I also gave a number of masterclasses.
10th December- Concert at Las Cuevas
12th December Auditorio de las Camaras – Concert in homage to Bela Bartok and organized by Hungarian Embassy in Ecuador
13th December    – Patio de Comedias – Solo and in Duo with Diego
14th December -  Concert at  Casa de la Musica – Solo and with Diego
Three Masterclasses 13th, 14th and 16th December -  at Centro Cultural Benjamin Carrion – Quito
Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 10.21.02
Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 10.23.19

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 10.21.46

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March 20, 2017

Prize Winners

Congratulations to my students Lola Adepoju and Tobi Adepoju who recently won prizes in the Basingstoke Music and Arts Festival piano competition

Lola Adepoju took part in the Basingstoke Festival on Saturday 11th March and came fist in the Grade 6 pianoforte class . She also won the Lynette Moss Cup and the special award for achieving the highest mark in the graded piano classes ( Grades 5- 8)

Tobi won the second prize in the Grade 2 under 8 piano students.

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July 5, 2016

Gala Concert – Send money for piano to Cuba – Bolivar Hall 2nd July




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February 25, 2016

A Piano for Cuba – Fundraising Classical Music Concert


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December 12, 2015

Concert in Woodham Church on the 30th January 2016

On the 30th of January  at 7 pm at the Woodham Church Woking I will be performing with a number of Trinity students.

Ernest Chausson Concert for violin, piano and string quartet op 21


Soo Park – violin
Eralys Fernandez- piano

String Quartet
Beatriz Carbonell- violin
Soo Park- violin
Kristin Chai- viola
Alice Gräfin- cello

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December 12, 2015

Concerts in Havana 2016

In February I am visiting Cuba and playing in 3 concerts.


 Concert 1

Le charme français


Denis Kolobov ( Violin- Russia)

Eralys Fernández ( piano- Cuba)


Oratorio San Felipe Neri, Thursday 11 th February 2016

7:00 pm



César Franck

-Sonata for Violin and  Piano in A major

Denis Kolobov (violin) and Eralys Fernández (piano)

Ernest Chausson (1885-1899)

Concert in D major for piano, violin and string quartet, Op. 21

Denis kolobov (violín) , Eralys Fernández (piano)

Anolan González (viola), Alejandro Mtnez (cello)


 Concert 2

“Sinatra Bel Canto”

(Concert dedicated to Frank Sinatra’s hits with arrangements by Eralys Fernandez)

 13th February 2016

Pianist and arranger: Eralys Fernández

With soloists from the National Opera Theatre


Concert 3 

“Pianísimos de Brasil”


14th February 2016 – Gonzalo Roig Hall


Oscar Lorenzo Fernández (1897-1948)


-Second Brazilian Suite- Ponteio; Moda; Caterete

Eralys Fernández (piano)


Ernesto Júlio de Nazareth (1863-1934)





Gabriel Chorens (piano)


 Mozart Camargo Guarnieri (1907-1993)

- Dansa Negra

- Suite Mirim

Ponteando / Tanghinho / Modinha / Cirandinha

Maité Aboy (piano)

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November 28, 2015

Woking Festival Winner

Congratulations to Hannah Burrows winning the French class at the Woking Festival 2015.

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September 12, 2015

The Fisherman and his wife

Selected moments from the premiere of my puppet opera at the Tete a Tete opera festival in London.  The performance was reviewed very constructively and eloquently by Charlotte Valori for bachtrack.

 Review by 11 August 2015 for bachtrack

The Fisherman and his Wife is a nicely conceived opera for children. It’s blusteringly comic, a surreal folktale plot with a zany edge which references modern culture (the desire for free broadband) alongside timeless fairytale tropes (a talking fish who can grant wishes). It has a straightforward moral (greed can’t bring happiness) which is explored carefully through a clearly-structured plot. It’s eminently portable and simple to stage: everything happens on a trestle table with three puppets and some childishly painted cardboard scenery, and all you need to create it is an upright piano and three performers, pianist, soprano and puppeteer. Best of all, it’s fast paced, and not too long; indeed, one keen lad, who looked under ten, questioned afterwards by his father, opined in my hearing that it was “Not long enough”. [Was he the same young boy I spotted sitting transfixed in the Royal Opera House Stalls throughout Tristan und Isolde in December?]

The Fisherman, a dreamy soul, lives in a tiny hut with a wife who harries him daily, threatening to leave him for the nearest rock (quite literally) if he can’t provide better for her. In desperation, he goes out to sea and catches a talking fish, who begs for his life, winning the Fisherman’s pity. In return, the fish grants the Fisherman’s wish for a better house and plenty of food, but the Wife’s satisfaction with this new arrangement lasts less than a day: once she has a house, she wants a better house with plenty of shoes and sushi; then a castle with servants; then to be president and CEO of a phone company so that she can have free broadband; and finally, to be master of the universe so that she can stop the rain. None of these bring happiness, and the last request sends them straight back to their old, dilapidated hut, the fish explaining regretfully that “there is already someone in charge of the universe”. Eventually, the Fisherman realises that his Wife will never be happy, whatever she is given; that happiness comes from within; and, instead of fruitlessly wishing for useless wealth where “every happy moment is a hard sell,” he will find his own happiness without magic.

Eralys Fernandez’s score confidently paints a range of moods and emotions in a cheerful piano accompaniment played for us by the composer, encompassing rowdy exchanges verging on Punch & Judy, little lyrical arias (the Fisherman’s “Almighty God of the Sea” a particular highlight), and dynamic comic passages. Our three characters are brilliantly voiced and characterised by Maya Sapone, singing both Fisherman and Wife with gusto and scrupulous distinction, and puppeteer Alex Winfield as the magic fish (whose name is Harold, though he’s quite private about it). Alex Winfield’s words veer oddly towards American patois, using “neat” and “candy”, and his eclectic references feel like a bucketful of cultural flotsam and jetsam. But it swirls along in a pleasingly nonsensical manner: the various children on the front row were all absorbed throughout.

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June 28, 2015

Summer Masterclass 2015 with Professor Nigel Clayton



We were very lucky to have Nigel Clayton from the RCM come and do a masterclass with a number of the academy students on a lovely sunny day in June.  The summer masterclass is part education, part entertainment and also a little garden party.






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May 31, 2015

Photos from the Lea Barn concert

Photos taken during rehearsal and during the performance.

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May 19, 2015

The Fisherman and his Wife – Children’s Puppet Opera


The puppet opera with original music by myself and scripted by Alex Winfield has been accepted to be performed at the Tete a Tete music festival.  We are pleased to have the brilliant soprano Maya Sapone performing the voices of the Fisherman and his Wife.   Alex takes the voice of the magic fish.



Sunday 9 August
12:00-12:50    The Fisherman and his Wife

Saturday 8 August
14:30-15:20    The Fisherman and his Wife

Kings Place St Pancras Room, 90 York Way, London, N1 9AG.

Alexander Winfield- script and puppeteer
Eralys Fernandez- music and piano
Maya Sapone- Voice

Tickets 7.50 online. £5 early bid ( offer ends June 21)

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May 19, 2015

Early Music Concert at the Lea Barn

This will be the first public concert with my harpsichord that many of you have seen in the music room.  The Lea Barn is a great venue for Early Music Concerts


Sunday 24th of May at 4 pm

Lea Barn , Winter Hill, Cookham Dean, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 9TW

Early Music concert

Harpsichord – E. Fernandez
Baroque Oboe- Jan Ziemowit Hutek
Cello- Diego Carneiro

Programme includes

J.Haydn- Keyboard Sonata in B minor Hob XVI:32 ( solo

J. S. Bach-
Chromatic Fantasie and Fugue BWV 903 ( solo harpsichord)

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach-
Oboe Sonata in G minor, H549;

G. P. Telemann- Oboe Sonata in A minor TWV
41:a3 -


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January 29, 2015

Interview on Cuban TV programme “de Tarde en Casa”

While I was in Havana, Cuban TV interviewed me and we talked about the two concerts I was playing.

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January 29, 2015

Performance of Brahms Intermezzos and Rhapsodie, in Havana

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January 29, 2015

Performance of Bach Toccata in E Minor, in Havana

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January 29, 2015

Performance of Wemilere in Havana

Performance of my composition Wemilere (based on an African chant)  with a great Cuban Batak player.

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November 19, 2014

Lea Barn – Sunday 30th November – 4pm


Piano Concert

Sunday 30th November – 4pm

Lea Barn – Maidenhead

Eralys Fernandez

Neus Guiu- Ritort


Solo piano- Eralys Fernandez

Toccata in E minor BWV 914 Johan Sebastian Bach

Ante el Escorial Ernesto Lecuona

3 Intermezzos and Rhapsodie Op. 119 Johannes Brahms

Four hands duets – Neus Guiu-Ritort – Eralys Fernandez 

Bilder Aus Osten Robert Schumann 

Hungarian Dances (1,2,3,5) Johannes Brahms



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July 13, 2014

AmazonArt Concert 31st July 2014


On the 31st July I am playing in an AmazonArt concert at the Bloomsbury Church in Central London (nearest tube Tottenham Court Road).  The concert starts at 7.30pm.

In the first half I will be playing  :-

Brahms Opus 119- Intermezzos and Rhapsodie

J.S. Bach – Toccata in E Minor

I will also be playing the UK Premiere of Wemilere.  It is a piece based on an African chant that I am hoping to play with drums.

In the second half I am playing 4 hands pieces with my good friend Neus Guiu Ritort.

We will be playing a number of Hungarian dances by Brahms,  a selection of pieces from the Spanish suite by Albeniz and my arrangement of the Moises Simons piece “The Peanut Vendor”  for 4 hands.



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September 17, 2013

The Voice of Tango at the Bolivar Hall on the 16th November 2013

I would like to invite you to my next event The Voice of Tango on Saturday 16th of November at 7.30 pm at the Bolivar Hall (near Warren Street).
This is a show that we have been preparing for about a year and will feature a combination of Tango music and dance. It will feature many of my own arrangements for voice and sax and a few of my Tango compositions.  I will also be playing solo for a section of the concert.
I am inviting the Tango dancer Flavio de Brito and his Tanguera dance company and they will dance to some of the pieces during the performance.
The musicians are soprano Maya Sapone (http://www.mayasapone.co.uk), saxophonist Martino Scovacricchi (http://www.scovacricchi.net) and myself on piano.
 Tickets can be purchased from the following link.
Please have a look at the Facebook page set up by the Voice of Tango ensemble.https://www.facebook.com/thevoiceoftango
The programme will be similar to the listing below.
Primo Tempo - 
Siempre Se Vuleve a Buenos Aires - Piazzolla
Años De Soledad - Piazzolla
Convicciones – Cosentino (DANCE)
Callao Y Santa Fe - Cosentino (DANCE)
Alfonsina Y El Mar - Ramirez
El Dia Que Me Quieras - Gardel (DANCE)
El Tango Nuevo - Cosentino (DANCE)
Desencuentro - Troilo
-INTERVAL 15 Mins-
Secondo Tempo
Adios Nonino - Piazzolla (DANCE)
Alta Gracia - Fariñas
Me Dejaste En Gris - Cosentino
Tan Solo Vos - Cosentino
Y Como Pido Tu Perdon - Cosentino
Tango Barroco - Cosentino
Tango Para Vos – Eralys Fernandez
Chiquilin De Bachin - Piazzolla
Yo Soy Maria - Piazzolla (DANCE)

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September 7, 2013

San Felipe de Neri, Havana Cuba – 7th September 2013

San Felipe de Neri
Havana, Cuba
7th September 5 pm
Eralys Fernandez and Diego Carneiro
Sonata in D minor cello and piano- Claude Debussy
Sonata in C major Op. 108 cello and piano- Beethoven
Loco D 1 and 2 movements- Eralys F
Le Grand Tango – Astor Piazzolla

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June 21, 2013

St Martin in the Fields – Lunchtime concert 21st June

Lunchtime concert with Eralys Fernandez and Diego Carneiro
Sonata in D minor cello and piano- Claude Debussy
Adagio – Allegro Op. 70- Robert Schumann
Loco D- 1 and 2 movements- Eralys F.
Seven Spanish Dances- Manuel de Falla

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May 6, 2013

Harwich Festival – Eralys Fernandez and Diego Carneiro

Friday 28th of June

Harwich Festival 1pm

Church St, Harwich, Essex CO12 3DR

Diego Carneiro- Eralys Fernandez

Cello and piano concert

Music by Debussy, Miaskovsky, Schumann, Beethoven and Piazzolla.

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May 6, 2013

Jacqueline du Pre Concert Hall – Eralys Fernandez and Diego Carneiro

Friday 21st June

7.30 pm

Jacqueline du Pré Concert Hall

St Hilda’s college

Cowley Place

Oxford OX4 1DY

Diego Carneiro- Eralys Fernandez

Cello and piano concert

Music by Debussy, Miaskovsky, Schumann, Beethoven and Piazzolla.

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May 6, 2013

All Saints’ Church Woking – Eralys Fernandez and Diego Carneiro


All Saints’ Church
564 Woodham Lane,
GU21 5SH

Saturday 15th June 7.30 pm

Diego Carneiro- Eralys Fernandez










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January 30, 2013

Bolivar Hall concert on the 23rd February 2013 at 7.30pm

This concert is taking place at the Bolivar Hall in London and features myself performing with Diego.

The programme is evolving and will continue to evolve as Diego and myself will be working towards this concert for the best part of a month.

It will feature :-

Brazilian Suite by Dinorah de Carvalho
Cello and Continuo Sonata by J.S. Bach

We will also be performing for the first time a piece for cello and piano that I am writing with Diego in mind.

It promises to be a great concert at an exceptional, intimate venue.

I will also be launching my new CD title “Alta Gracia” featuring music from Cuba and South America.

January 30, 2013

Concert at the All Saints’ Church, Woodham Lane- February 10th 2013

Cello and piano concert featuring myself and Diego Carneiro.

The address of the church is :-

All Saints’ Church

Woodham Lane, Woking, GU215SH

The concert starts at 4pm on February 10th, tickets are £8 on the door, with free entry for children.

The programme will feature music by  JS.Bach, Manuel de Falla, Schumann, Piazzolla.




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January 30, 2013

AmazonArt Concert Series – February 5th 2013


Concert at the Bloomsbury Church in London in support of AmazonArt

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October 11, 2012

AmazonArt Concert Series

August 11, 2012

Metamorphosia Recitals

June 16, 2012

Concert in Braganca Brazil

As most of you know I am in Brazil for 2 weeks playing in various concerts and also exploring the work of AmazonArt, the charity set up by Diego Carneiro to support artistic projects in the Amazon region.



June 13, 2012

Concert in Belem Brazil

Below are the details of the first concert I played with Diego in Belem on the 13th June.

Festival Internacional de Musica do Para
13th of June 6 pm
History Museum of Para, Belem. Brazil
Cellist Diego – Eralys piano
Programme Sonata no. 6 A. Vivaldi
Beethoven Sonata for piano and cello Op 102 No. 4
Ernesto Lecuona- Gitanerias/ Cordoba
Astor Piazzolla Grand Tango

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May 24, 2012

Salvation Army Concert


Diego Carneiro and Eralys Fernandez

The Salvation Army
Sythwood Goldsworth Park, Woking
GU21 3BE
Tickets £5 on the door
In aid of Amazonart charity
Beethoven  Cello and Piano Sonata No. 2
Manuel de Falla   Seven Popular Songs
Astor Piazzolla  Grand Tango
Astor Piazzolla  Oblivion
Ignacio Cervantes   Cuban Serenata
Carlos Farinas  Altagracia



April 25, 2012

Diego Carneiro and Eralys Fernandez at the Bolivar Hall


























January 10, 2012

Classical Music Concert – 20th January at the Bolivar Hall

This is my next concert on the 20th January at the Bolivar Hall with all proceeds going towards sports equipment for Cuban youth.

I will be playing for around 35 minutes and my programme will feature :-

Cordoba, Gitanerias and Malaguena  -  Ernesto Lecuona

Sonata I   –  Carlos Guastavino

I will also be playing the UK premiere of  Alta Gracia by Carlos Farinas

I will finish my section with Quirino con su tres by Eliseo Grenet  with an arrangement by myself.