Fundraising Projects

A piano for the Guillermo Tomás Music Conservatory in Guanabacoa

Please help us to restore the grand piano at the Guillermo Tomas Music Conservatory in Havana, Cuba.

The Guillermo Tomas Music Conservatory, located in the town of Guanabacoa in Havana, is one of the most prestigious music schools in Cuba. Founded in 1961, the school has trained many internationally-recognized musicians, such as Roberto Fonseca, Leonel Morales, and Roberto Carlos, among many others.

Despite the prestige and success of the conservatory, it has not been exempt from the financial hardships faced by the rest of the country. Its only grand piano is an old Estonia. Donated to the school in the 1980s, the piano is now in very poor condition due to its continual use over the past 30 years.

I know, from my own experience, the dedication, love, and professionalism that the professors of the Conservatory have to train new musical talent. My own career as a pianist began there along with my passion for music. My intention with this project is to contribute to the education and creation of the next generation of musicians and composers.

As some of you may know, we recently raised funds to buy a second-hand grand piano for the Amadeo Roldan Music Conservatory. That piano is now in the school thanks to the support of hundreds of people from all over the world.

We hope to have your support again for this second project. However, this time, we thought it would be more cost effective to restore the existing piano rather than shipping one to Cuba.

Dear Friends:

On 8 November 2017, the grand piano we sent from London finally arrived at the Amadeo Roldán Conservatory in Havana.

I want to thank all those who supported us and expressed their solidarity with the project “Send a piano to Cuba”. This action would not have been possible without your help.
María Teresa Pita, head of the Conservatory’s Piano department, sends her infinite gratitude on behalf of all the professors and students at the music school, ‘who received this noble donation with great emotion and joy’.

It has been a long and difficult project, but very happy to have made a small but useful contribution to the education of future pianists.

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