The Fisherman and his Wife – Children’s Puppet Opera

The Fisherman and his Wife – Children’s Puppet Opera

The puppet opera with original music by myself and scripted by Alex Winfield has been accepted to be performed at the Tete a Tete music festival.  We are pleased to have the brilliant soprano Maya Sapone performing the voices of the Fisherman and his Wife.   Alex takes the voice of the magic fish.

Sunday 9 August
12:00-12:50    The Fisherman and his Wife

Saturday 8 August
14:30-15:20    The Fisherman and his Wife

Kings Place St Pancras Room, 90 York Way, London, N1 9AG.

Alexander Winfield- script and puppeteer
Eralys Fernandez- music and piano
Maya Sapone- Voice

Tickets 7.50 online. £5 early bid ( offer ends June 21)

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