Handel House Concert

Thursday 13 September 6.30-7.30pm

Handel’s oratorios are incredibly dramatic and include some of the most beautiful pieces ever written for voices. Latana Phoung (mezzo soprano) and Eralys Fernandez (harpsichord) perform arias from a number of Handel’s oratorios.


Recitative: ‘Twill be a painful separation
Air: In gentle murmurs will I mourn

Recitative: Some dire event
Air: Scenes of horror, scenes of woe

Recitative: O let me fold thee
Air: Sweet as sight to the blind

As with rosy steps the morn

Hence, Iris, Hence away

Cease ruler of the day
Begone, my fears, fly hence away
There in myrtle shades reclin’d
Where shall I fly

Tickets £9, £5 students
To Book Please call the Handel House booking line on 020 7399 1953