Lea Barn – Sunday 30th November – 4pm


Piano Concert

Sunday 30th November – 4pm

Lea Barn – Maidenhead

Eralys Fernandez

Neus Guiu- Ritort


Solo piano- Eralys Fernandez

Toccata in E minor BWV 914 Johan Sebastian Bach

Ante el Escorial Ernesto Lecuona

3 Intermezzos and Rhapsodie Op. 119 Johannes Brahms

Four hands duets – Neus Guiu-Ritort – Eralys Fernandez 

Bilder Aus Osten Robert Schumann 

Hungarian Dances (1,2,3,5) Johannes Brahms



Light and Jazzy - Music book of children's pieces written by Eralys Fernandez
Children's Opera Prelude - Music by Eralys Fernandez
Alta Gracia - CD of Cuban and Argentinian music performed by Eralys Fernandez
An Afternoon in Havana - CD performed by Eralys Fernandez
Selection of live recordings
Quirino con su tre - Original song by Emilio Grenet arranged for piano by Eralys Fernandez